May 16th, 2012

Helping Holly

A week or so ago, I was on Facebook when someone posted a story about a dog named Holly that had recently been hit by a car. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene afterwards, and fortunately was later apprehended by authorities. So far, the driver hasn’t claimed any responsibility and Holly has been making a slow recovery. The driver claimed that Holly is “just a dog” and therefore shouldn’t have to pay any of her medical bills. This makes me sad and further causes me to lose faith in humanity as a whole.

The family of Holly is asking the general public to help out with legal fees and medical costs to help Holly make a full recovery. My heart breaks when I read stories like these and it only encourages me to continue doing what I do with my charity efforts.

I’m asking you, friends and family members, to help me help Holly. Even if it’s just one dollar. Or if you have extra dog toys, blankets or food lying around that you could send to her. If you have anything to donate, you can donate it right here.

In addition to that, the Mariners kick off two series at home before they go on the road again. They play the Texas Rangers and the Anaheim Angels and I’ll be attending five games out of the total seven that they’ll be playing. For every baseball that I snag during that home stand, I’ll donate one dollar per towards helping Holly with her medical bills and legal fees. It’s the least I can do and hopefully it makes up for the irresponsibility of some people in this world.






Guardians of Rescue

In Honor of Jackie Robinson

I wanted to do something extra special this year for Jackie Robinson day. Not only did Jackie break the color barrier for Major League baseball, but he was such an inspiration to many. Ken Griffey Jr was the first to start wearing the number 42 on this special day and now every player wears that number on April 15th.

I came up with this idea to donate to a charity. At first, I was going to donate to one charity in the amount of $420 dollars. And then I thought about donating to five or six charities to the tune of $4.20. Then I decided to donate to a whole bunch of charities by giving .42 cents to as many honorable ones that I could find. Well, I found about 10. And since I’m not rich, I narrowed it down to about five. Here’s the list of charities I donated my .42 cents to:

Kevin Youkilis’ Hit for Kids

Bud Norris’ Candlelighters Charity

Brad Ziegler’s Pasttime for Patriots Charity

Edgar Martinez Foundation

Tony La Russa’s ARF Foundation


Some charities wouldn’t accept my .42 cents so I ended up donating $1.00. There were quite a few foundations/charities that I tried to donate to. For various reasons on their part, donating never happened. Here’s a list of foundations I attempted to donate to:

The Jamie Moyer Foundation

Josh Willimgham’s Foundation

Curtis Granderson’s Charity

Hopefully, these pages get fixed soon so I can finish what I set out to accomplish. I just got overly frustrated by the lack of updating on some of these pages. Some of them didn’t even work. How can a guy donate his hard-earned cash to charities when the page is not working? Anyway. Enough of that. Leave a comment if you have a charity you’d like me to donate to or hit me up on Twitter at @MLBwayneMLB. I’d be happy to send some donations your way, for sure!










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