Mariners Tickets Giveaway Official Rules

The purpose behind this contest is just to make people smile. There are no gimmicks, behind the scene tricks, or anything shady like that. It’s very simple. On Twitter, @MLBwayneMLB, I’ll post a question regarding something about baseball and whoever answers correctly will win a single game ticket to that days Mariners game. I’ll ask that you either email me or DM me your first and last name so I can purchase the ticket and have it at will call ready for you to pick up. Sounds good? Okay, great! Lets move onto some ground rules, shall we?

Even though this is such a simple contest, answer and win type gig, we still need some rules to follow by, right? First of all, the ticket you will get will be a centerfield bleacher seat. And it’s just ONE ticket. Not a pair, or three or four. Just one, random ticket in centerfield. I think they run like, 10 bucks or something like that this season. If you’re not happy with the ticket, once you pick it up at will call, you can certainly upgrade. This is just me being a nice guy. I expect nothing in return. Well, maybe a thank you and a follow on Twitter. That would be pretty sweet. And make sure you retweet what I’m doing if you are on Twitter so other people can join in and try to win a free ticket.

Secondly, I hold the right to pick any winner I choose. This makes it fair for everyone. Some people are on Twitter more than others and if someone continues to win free tickets after another, I’ll step in and make sure others get a fair shot. I want a lot of people to win and enjoy some Mariner baseball. I think that’s reasonable. If you’re a season ticket holder and you already have tickets for today’s game and you want to try to win the free ticket anyway, make sure that whoever you’re winning the ticket for can actually attend the game. I don’t want the ticket to go to waste.

This contest is just for weekday games. Non-premium type. Monday through Thursday. I’d include weekend games but they usually charge more for those games. Plus giveaway games may or may not be included depending on the giveaway. Also, if you can’t attend the Mariner game or live out of town or something, try to resist answering the questions. This is just for people who are for sure going to the game that day. And again, your ticket will be left at will call with your name. If you’d like to just meet me at the gate prior to game time, that’s fine. I can bring your ticket with me but if you aren’t at the gate by 4:40pm, I’m going in without you.

My inspiration for doing this is because Cleveland Indians closer, Chris Perez decided to give a pair of tickets away to every Indians home game for the rest of the season to help boost attendance. I thought that was pretty awesome. So I copied his contest and started my own for Mariner home games. It’s nothing fancy but it makes me feel good to do this for people.

Those are the ground rules. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can direct them in comment form below or email me at I’m a pretty reasonable guy. So hit me up!





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