“Ballhawks give back by collecting baseballs”

I’m sure by now-if you’ve been keeping up with me on my blogs-you’d know that I’m a professional Ballhawk. Nearly six years ago, I snagged my first baseball at Kauffman Stadium with the help of an usher during my mid-tour leave from combat in Iraq. Since then, I’ve progressively snagged more and more baseballs each year.

Last week I was contacted by Meggie Zahneis, a youth reporter for Major League Baseball, and was invited to participate in an interview about Ballhawking. It was a lot of fun to answer some of the questions and sort of explain the idea behind Ballhawking.

If you’re interested in reading the article, click this link and enjoy!


Hi Wayne. I am from Oregon and rarely get to go to MLB games because we obviously dont have a team, but on occasion I do go to a Mariner Game. In July im going to a night game against the Orioles. Can you give me any tips on how to snag balls at Safeco Field. Thanks- feel free to email back .Cal

It looks like you were multi-tasking at the moment. What kind of a computer is that? Also, I would like to say that I found out about the article originally from here, so thank you for that.

Hi Wayne, my name is Paul. I like what you’re doing here with your blog!
I mostly Ballhawk at Target Field, but i will be at Kauffman Stadium on September 14th. It was nice to beable to read a bit on your blog about ballhawing at Kauffman Stadium. Im sure some of the info will come in use when i visit there. If you get a chance, check out my blog.

Kauffman Stadium has an “early bird” tour for an addition ten dollars. Get there early enough for that and you’re set to snag at least one baseball.

Thanks for the advice, I bought the tour for my dad and I. Are you planning on going to Kauffman Stadium anytime soon? It’d be cool to see you there!

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