2012 MLB Season, 2013 MLB Season

Hello, baseball friends! I wanted to get a blog entry out to everyone to kind of explain what has been going on concerning my absence from baseball this season. I feel I should explain some things. Basically, life got in the way of my plans and a lot of things have been suffering in conjunction of that. My last baseball game at Safeco Field was on May 25th, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to more games. I really tried but working two jobs, over 60-some hours a week, working grave yard shift at one, and limited hours at the other, really put a damper on things. My charity has suffered and I hope my friendship with people hasn’t

My plan was to hit up Safeco on October 1st and 2nd. I decided to call it the season and start fresh next year in Houston for the Astros home opener. Although, I will be trying to get to this years fanfest at Safeco, my new work schedule may not allow that. My new boss is pretty awesome and I think he will allow for schedule adjustments along the way. Now I work a steady 40 hours a week with limited over-time and things have finally been going my way. So I sincerely apologize to those that have been patiently awaiting my return to Safeco and baseball in general. If you’ve made a pledge to my charity, please hold onto your money. I only snagged 50 baseballs this year which isn’t much. But next year I plan to snag at least 100.

I love baseball and I love all of you that have supported my charity, read my blogs, and been a genuine friend. New friends and old, you have been missed and I thought about you a lot throughout the season. Speaking of blogs, I have started a new one that you may read and it may help clear up some things that I have been going through. It’s called Diary of a Vet. Mind you, it has offense language and probably some content you may or may not be comfortable with. But it helps me through my trials and tribulation through this even confusing life.

I’m back on Twitter as well. And I noticed I didn’t lose one follower while I was gone. Chuck Knoblauch still follows me, Zach Britton, the Oakland Athletics, the Seattle Mariners and all of my readers that are still there; I sincerely thank you. It’s comforting to see your loyalty. Really, it is.

Alright, now that everything is cleared up, let’s get onto some baseball stuff, shall we? Next season I plan to visit Minute Maid Park for their opening weekend with my good friend Jennifer. We met at Safeco Field and she’s been awesome. So give her a follow on Twitter when you get a chance. I’m really excited for this trip mainly because I had to bail on this seasons All-Star game which totally bummed me out. Next year I hope to make the ASG at CitiField. We shall see how that plays out, of course. I also plan to make it to Los Angeles to see the Dodgers play, I hope to make it back to Oakland and San Francisco and also San Diego. I’d like to make it to some stadiums I haven’t seen before but most of those stadiums are pretty far east. So again, we shall see.

I’m not going to get into my end of the year stats as far as baseballs snagged because like I stated before; life got in the way. But, Wayne is back and next year Snagging Baseballs for Puppies will play more of a priority in my life because it feels good to help the Seattle Humane Society! So again, hang onto your donations and I’ll see you at the ballpark next year!


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