December 2011

Update on Plans for 2012 Baseball Season

Wow. So I just got some amazing news from my fellow Ballhawk in Milwaukee, @BallHawkShawn. I mean, he didn’t like, personally call me or anything to tell me what’s up, I sorta found it on his Twitter feed. If you get a chance you should get yourself a Twitter account and follow him and me! @MLBwayneMLB.

Anyway. In my earlier post about my plans for the 2012 baseball season I mentioned I’d be flying out to Japan, Houston and possibly Los Angeles. I’d be going to Houston and Los Angeles because they’re celebrating their 50th anniversary in the bigs. Well, guess who else is celebrating?

Check this out:

Yeah. That’s a super sweet patch that the RedSox are using next season and THAT particular logo is going on their commemorative baseballs as well. I’m lucky because I live in Seattle and the RedSox will be coming to Safeco Field. Hopefully I can snag some of those baseballs. If not I’ll have to make friends in Boston.

Another team that is shelling out commemorative baseballs are the Baltimore Orioles. They too are coming to Seattle for six games so that will give me the opportunity to snag some of those baseballs as well. Here’s what they’re putting on their baseballs:

This is most doubtingly going to put a kink in my plans this season for sure. Because what I’d like to do is snag these baseballs at the stadium of the team that has them. Sooooo…instead of waiting for the O’s to come to Seattle, I’d like to travel to Baltimore and snag them there. But we will see what happens.

Here is the other team celebrating a milestone:

And of course Houston and Los Angeles, respectively.

So there you have it, folks! A little update on my plans for 2012! And now here’s the links at which you can follow along as I continue my journey to watch baseball in all 30 MLB stadiums!

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Promoting A View From the Bullpen

Hello folks. I wanted to share some fantastic news. Well, it’s not really news-worthy but it’s pretty exciting anyway. And I’ve kind of kept it under wraps until now. I’ve started a new blog. Surprised? I thought so. My new blog, of course, has everything to do with baseball. Another surprise? But this new blog has sort of twist. It’s not really an informational blog like I had hoped. It’s kind of turned into something better. And it’s been super fun!

This new blog I’ve put together has sort of witty, satire, sarcastic charm to it. But it’s all relevant to baseball. So don’t worry. The information I put in each blog entry holds truth. Sometimes. And a lot of it is my personal opinion. If you’re interested in my personal opinion about baseball then you’ll surely get a kick out of my new blog.

It’s called A View From the Bullpen. It’s kind of fitting because that’s where I’m normally at when I attend games at Safeco Field. The bullpen. Well, more like the party deck but I’m standing directly beside the Mariner bullpen on most nights. Anyway. Below you will find links to all my recent blog entries. So click on a few and enjoy what you read!

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