November 2012

Felix Hernandez Tickets

I recently received two emails. One from Zack Hample, and another from a guy named Craig. Craig is a Felix Hernandez fan and is on the search to obtain every single ticket stub from every game Felix has ever pitched in. I think that is pretty awesome. I’ve been sorting through all my game-used tickets… IMG_0700

…and I’m just not seeing any of the tickets he’s requesting. The tickets stubs he’s wanting are mostly road games Hernandez pitched in. He did pitch in plenty of home games, and I’m confident that I attended a few of those this last season and the season before, but I’m just not finding any of them. If anyone has any game-used ticket stubs that Felix Hernandez pitched that you’re willing to part with, drop a comment below and I’ll shoot what you got to Craig.

Anyway. Thought you guys would like to see what’s been happening during the off-season!

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